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Add Local Documents

I have to file a local form (Northern District of New York) that is a cover sheet for the paystubs. How do I add that to the Forms and Documents Tab?


  • BobbyBobby Posts: 207
    If you could please email the local form to [email protected] or post as an attachment to this forum post, we can add to the development list. Also, if you have generated the form outside of Jubilee but would like to include the form in the Petition packet to be filed with the Court then you can go to Electronic Filing - select "Modify Included Forms" next to the Petition event - then select the Upload Document option in the lower left hand corner. Feel free to call our office with any questions (210) 561-5300.
  • Hi, is there any default setting that allows you to add this local document to every ECF filing, or do you have to add it every time you file?
  • Hello, Currently you would need to add the form manually to the case in each filing but I can create a development ticket for your request. Thanks!
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