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Jubilee is now integrated with Clio!

Jubilee is now integrated with Clio, a leading cloud-based practice management platform in the legal industry.

This integration provides another option for Clio users to electronically file bankruptcy cases, communicate via texting with clients, and manage court notices within the Jubilee platform.

You can setup the integration by going to New (on the top toolbar) – Case and Data Import – select Clio from the Vendor option – then click on the New button in the login section to establish the connection. The following screens will guide you through the process and provide information on the data sync.

When new cases or contacts are created within Jubilee, they will be pushed to Clio but the existing cases will not automatically be synced unless you enable it by opening the case then clicking on the new circular blue button in the top right hand corner (see 2nd screenshot). Notes, Tasks, Calendar Events, etc. will also be synced back and forth between the two programs. Also, if you have existing cases (matters) and contacts within Clio but they are not in Jubilee, you will have an option to import the data from Clio to Jubilee on the same Case and Contact Data Import screen.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.

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