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Workflow Step?

lobuelawlobuelaw Posts: 1
There is a field on the "General Information" --> Details tab of the petition screens that is called "Workflow Step", what is this used for?



  • The workflow step is a "status or step" each firm can customize by going to Firm Settings > User Defined Lists > Case: Workflow Step.

    The workflow step can also be used to trigger adding tasks or automatically setting the due date of tasks if a Task Template is assigned for this case.

    Common usage examples:

    Example #1:
    Awaiting intake
    Intake done, awaiting documents
    RGC Final Review
    Awaiting Client Review, Approval and Signature
    Awaiting Payment

    Example #2:
    Data Entry
    Awaiting Payment
    Attorney Review
    Prepare Filing
    Post Filing
    Close Case

    Example #3:
    0 - Prospect
    1 - Hired - Waiting on payments
    2 - Paid in full - waiting on documents
    3 - Petition Prep
    4 - Case Filed
    5 - Confirmed
    6 - Discharged

    Please feel free to contact our office at (210) 561-5300 with any questions.
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