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As a new user of Jubilee, and someone who has used a number of other preparation programs, a number of suggestions for improvements to the program:

1. There are a *lot* of mouse clicks to get anything done. When entering data, anything that takes your hands off the keyboard is time wasted. It would be nice if there would be keyboard shortcuts for stuff. One simple example--every time I need to add a record, I need to click on "+New" or "Save and New". Why not let this be done via the keyboard?

2. New Creditor screen. I need to tab through "Attn/c/o/Building name" for *every* creditor. For the vast majority, this field will be blank. Don't have it as a mandatory click-through. And I can't say how often I start entering the street number and name in it, since every creditor will have an address. If I need an additional field, I can click on it. Ditto a separate field for Suite/Apartment number that must be tabbed through for *every* creditor. Again, if I need it, I can click on it (or just enter the suite number in the address field). I shouldn't have to click through it every time I enter a creditor. Ditto phone/fax/email. Make this clickable rather than mandatory tab through, because 99% of the time I just want to enter the basic address data for the creditor and get back to the creditor screen.

3. The creditor entry screens require lots of tabbing between rarely used fields. For example, I very rarely will enter Contingent/Disputed/Unliquidated, etc., but must tab through each checkbox for each creditor. Make these clickable instead of the mandatory tab through. If I enter data in "Claim Amount" I shouldn't have to click through "Amount Unknown." I don't think I've ever listed arrearages, payment amount, or interest rate for an unsecured debt--why are these there at all? Debtor's % liability--rarely entered. Please don't make me waste time clicking or tabbing through them in every single creditor. Name, type, account number, amount. These are the ones I should be able to get through quickly and efficiently.

4. For priority debts, would it really be that hard to add a short routine that if the creditor=IRS, taxes=federal? (Instead of having to click the box?) And if it's a priority debt, why is there a collateral tab?

5. I may have missed it, but I did not see a way to enter an attorney, collection agent, or other notice party on the creditor screen.

6. Most employers list deductions in the following order: Federal taxes, Social Security, Medicare, State Taxes, Local Taxes. Why do you have the order (for Schedule I) as Federal Taxes, State taxes, Medicare, Social Security? Again, you want to do everything possible to speed up/ease data entry.

7. For employment duration, most of my clients don't recall the precise month and day they started working. How about simply allowing year, i.e. 2008 to present.

8. "Create Paycheck" is confusing. I don't always have clients who get paychecks, who get paid regularly, or whose projected disposable income is properly reflected on their paycheck. How do I deal with these clients (who are the majority of my clients)? Having to put a date for a paycheck where I just want to enter data doesn't seem intuitive.

9. For Dependents on Schedule J, I'm a bit confused as to why I am not given the option to enter son, daughter, grandson, grandchild, etc. Things are more fluid now, and I'd like to be able to provide some more description. My Court does *not* allow the disclosure of names for minors--why do you ask for them (or require me to tab through them)? And why do these names matter so that you would need to enter them here?

10. When I tab into a box that already has data, I'm usually going to change it. This would be a lot easier if the contents of the box were already selected when I tab into it.

11. Having a dropdown list for % paid to GUCs seems odd. Why not just let me enter the percentage to unsecureds manually? Often, I will want a Plan that provides for 0.01% to the GUCs--I don't see a way to do it with Jubilee.

12. In the Chapter 13 Plan calculator, why doesn't my outstanding fee balance automatically propagate into the calculation? I actually don't see any place to add it.

13. The Chapter 13 Calculator really seems unnecessarily confusing. I just want a number that my client needs to pay, given previous payments, secured arrearages/payments through the Plan, priority claims, and my stated % to GUCs (as well as my fees and Trustee commissions!) There's an awful lot showing on the screen that I really don't need to know about in determining this number.

14. I'm confused about the Maryland Chapter 13 Plan. In Section 4.6.2 you list "Monthly Payment". This is the amount to be paid through the Plan, not the contractual payment outside the Plan.

15. Is there a way to manually edit the Chapter 13 Plan?

16. There are wide grey bars across the Chapter 13 Plan. ?

Please take these suggestions in the spirit in which they're offered--I want to see the product improve!

Brett Weiss


  • BobbyBobby Posts: 204
    Hi Mr. Weiss,

    Thank you for taking the time to evaluate the product and provide suggestions. Some of these items are on our development list and I have added some new development tickets from your suggestions. We are always looking to improve the product and make our software more efficient. Details below.

    1. On list – development ticket #1329
    2. I will have to get other opinions on this one. I know some of our clients will expect to be able to tab into those fields for quick data entry and if we remove them from the tab order we may disrupt some other users.
    3. Same as #2.
    4. We can look into that. The only tricky thing I can think of is that since we don’t share creditor contacts across all Jubilee users accounts, if one firm entered IRS as the creditor name and another firm entered Internal Revenue Service, it could be tough to know that all the different creditor contact variations should automatically select the Federal Taxes option. Also, we have had several requests from firms to attach the IRS creditor to property items.
    5. This can be done from the Noticing Parties tab within the Creditor.
    6. I will need to get opinions on this one as well. My concern is changing the layout that other clients may already be used to.
    7. There is a radio button on the New Employer screen to either allow you to enter the starting date in which the program will calculate the length of employment for the form, or you can just select the starting Year and Month from the drop down dialog.
    8. On list – development ticket #1987. We will be adding an option to quickly enter the gross monthly income amounts for purposes of the MT. I think this may be helpful in this situation.
    9. The name fields do not print anywhere on Sch. J. We currently just print the relationship and age of the dependent on the form. The other fields are optional fields only for internal purposes.
    10. That is a common behavior across multiple software applications I think we can do that. Added to list as development ticket #2037.
    11. Added to list as development ticket #2038.
    12. Our plan calculator needs the attorney fees added as a priority creditor in order to be paid through the Chapter 13 Plan. We have a quick way to do this automatically by checking the “Push to Schedule E” option on the Attorney Fee Disclosure page (Petition – General Information - Fees).
    13. This one may be best for you to call us and we can walk you through the process over the phone to help answer any questions. The plan calculator is a powerful function in the program with a lot of options and flexibility to cover many complex Chapter 13 Plans across the Country. We have a few tutorial videos available for the plan by going to Help – Tutorial Videos but we would be glad to walk you through it over the phone.
    14. The amount we are printing here is either the projected fixed payment amount entered on the Plan tab within the creditor or the average monthly payment if the creditor payment method is set to pro rata. If you seem to be getting a different result please call our office and we can look into the issue.
    15. Not in Jubilee. We will generate the plan as a PDF document which can be edited by Adobe or other PDF editors. Feel free to let us know if there is a common section that needs editing and we can possibly provide an override option.
    16. Those are probably indicating page breaks when viewing the Plan through the Jubilee document viewer. When the PDF is generated they are removed.
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