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How to import creditors?

How can I import creditors after I obtain a credit report from one of the BK Pro vendors such as CIN? I know that there is a button or link to do that but I cannot find it. Thank you for your help.


  • When you open a case in BankruptcyPRO, you should see a button at the top labeled CR/DD. That button invokes a wizard where you can order a credit report from one of our vendors through BankruptcyPRO. We'll contact you directly for additional guidance.
    Orange you glad you use LegalPRO software?
  • Seville, thank you very much for calling me first thing the next day and for your assistance. Among other things, I learned something important: if you want something to happen and it has not happened yet, look around for a "next" button and consider clicking on it (since even with the most modern technology sending requests to the software via mental telepathy or shouting is not effective). You and Roy and the other support people are all terrific!
  • How do I import creditors from another case?
  • SevilleSeville Posts: 47
    Click on the blue C button in the new case. Right click on the grid. The menu that appears should have an item for Import Creditors. One of the options will be "From another case". Select the case that has the creditors you want to import and click OK.
    Orange you glad you use LegalPRO software?
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