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BankruptcyPRO crashed after update.

My BankruptcyPRO was recently updated on this workstation (I don't specifically remember this, but another workstation we use says mine was updated). Today when I tried to open BankruptcyPRO (at least 4x) it gets hung on the initial flashscreen and then stopped responding. The last time I tried to open it after 5-10 minutes of the flashscreen it finally did open to the regular list screen and showed the notice about using small print. After clicking OK on that dialogue box the "Wait - Loading Master Case File - Please wait..." appeared. After about 1 minute it gave me this error: "Structure Update error: DBISAM Engine Error # 10249 General Lock Failure with the table 'Config3'." When I clicked on OK it then went to a blank dialogue box labeled "Configuration (Not Responding)." After about 30 seconds the program just disappears. I am running a Windows 7 workstation (just Started this morning), my version number is and the database is on a Windows 2008R2 server which I can access through Windows Explorer. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know a fix?


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