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Loan Mod in Plan

JHSEsqJHSEsq Posts: 8
edited November 2018 in BankruptcyPRO
Anyone know how/where to add the language about a loan modification for a creditor so it shows up in the plan? I spoke with Legal Pro yesterday, but cannot for the life of me figure out where to add that.
Thanks in advance.
Jonathan Stanwood
(215) 569-1040


  • The creditor will need to be secured and the User-Defined Class will be LoanMod. You should see the User-Defined Class dropdown at the bottom right on the Creditor Information tab. Then, on the Plan tab, you'll need to set it to Principal Residence/Real Property or both and direct pay. This should cause the paragraph to appear in the plan.
    Orange you glad you use LegalPRO software?
  • Thank you Seville and Bobby!
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