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How do I search for a client's name

I am having trouble searching for a client name (he is the one whose case is going to get dismissed tomorrow). I put in the name and nothing happens; no button to push, nothing to click.


  • On the top the program screen, you will see filters and you can enter the clients name where the client's name may appear in the email. ei. Case name or Subject. You can also search by using the case number
  • SevilleSeville Posts: 45
    After you type the name in the case name box, press enter on your keyboard. You should see red bars indicating a filter has been applied. The folders where the specified emails are located will show a count as to how many match your search criteria. If there are matching emails in many folders, they will all be displayed in the All Mail folder.
    Orange you glad you use LegalPRO software?
  • IslandlawIslandlaw Posts: 2
    How to I get a list of proofs of claim with a total and more detail like we used to get in IGN? Where we could make notes and print it.
  • BobbyBobby Posts: 204
    Within I-Got-Notices, go to the Case Tab on the top tool bar, click on the Case Creditors button, then type in the case number in the filter. (Note: The case number filter will automatically be applied with the case you currently have selected on the main mail tab.)

    The options to make notes and print the list are buttons on the top tool bar. Please let us know if you have any questions.
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