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Exemption Set to Use - in California (Schedule C1 shows Federal when selecting 703 choice)

mwcrossonmwcrosson Posts: 7
edited August 2018 in Jubilee
As you know, California does not permit the Federal set for exemptions but has two state choices (704 and 703 exemption lists). It appears that when user selects the 703 set (with the generous wildcard instead of home equity) - the software considers that the "Federal" scheme and checks the box that says "you are selecting Federal Exemptions" on Schedule C1. If you change the program settings in the Exemptions Calculator to use "State" - then Schedule C1 does not show any of the selected exemptions in 703. So, basically in order for the 703 exemptions to apply and show properly when printed, Schedule C1 shows the Federal Set is the choice, which is incorrect. How can this be fixed? Thanks

P.S. - I did try "override" in the settings set to use but it didn't fix the problem.


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