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Unable to open file - error code 010809.2

I cannot open a document from I-Got-Notices. I am getting a message:
"unable to open file: c:\...\Temp\pdf_file_name.pdf
The operating system reports that it cannot find the file.
File: c:\...\Temp\pdf_file_name.pdf
The error code for this issue is: #010809.2"


  • SevilleSeville Posts: 48
    edited February 2018
    See if this helps:

    Problem: When clicking on View Case Docs within IGN the PDF file does not open or you receive a "Unable to Open File" error.

    1. Make sure a PDF reader is installed and make sure the file association for PDF files is set correctly within Windows. You can check this in the Control Panel.

    If step 1 does not resolve the problem try step 2.

    2. Within I-Got-Notices go to Settings – Options – PDF Options – Reading Tab – then browse to the executable of the PDF reader (do not browse to a desktop shortcut). Note: This is a string path and not network dynamic. It if is set to C: it will be C on any machines. Separate users can have separate paths, or a blank path will use the local file association setting.

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