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Jubilee Notices

I recently started using Jubilee Notices. Is there anyway to add/attached the "missing/previous" notices to the file.


  • BobbyBobby Posts: 204
    If you are switching from our desktop product, I-Got-Notices we have an export tool that will export 1 case at a time. If you have the emails in another email account you can forward them to your Jubilee Notices email address but we do not currently have a function to pay PACER or manually attach the PDF documents to the notices. That feature is on our development list.
  • Thanks! Do I Export from BankruptcyPro or IGN?
  • RandyRandy Posts: 1
    So, how do we use the export tool
  • AndreAndre Posts: 21
    Please contact us to make sure you have the latest IGN to Jubilee Notices export tool. Once you have the latest export tool you just need to open it and the program will ask you to enter your user name and password (this is your Jubilee credentials). After you have logged in you will see your IGN email address in the box (if you have mutiple email address you can select the correct one by using the available drop down, after selecting click next, on the next screen you will see the jurisdiction code and available case numbers in that jurisdiction, select the case number of the case you would like to export click next and the export process will began. Please contact us if you would like us to help you through this process.
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