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Case Issues Cheat Sheet PDF

AlexisAlexis Posts: 5
edited October 2019 in Jubilee
In the Electronic Filing section prior to filing a case, you may see a list of Case Issues on the Filing Summary tab. There are two types of issues which may need to be resolved before continuing: A red triangle, which prevents you from moving forward to file a case, and an orange warning triangle, which allows you to continue filing. This Case Issues Cheat Sheet explains how to fix the following case issues you are receiving:

(Debtor’s name): Address is missing
(Debtor’s name): Address is missing county
Creditors: No creditors have been entered
Files: Nothing is selected for filing:
Filing Fee: Not completed
Filing attorney has not been selected
Filing Fee: Installment payments are not eligible for e-filing in CASB
Firm address is missing
Forms date is not checked
Forms electronic signature is not checked
Forms watermark is set to Draft/Client Copy/Copy/Filed
(Person’s Name): Missing social security/tax ID.
(ECF Event): Selected but file is empty
Assets: No assets have been entered
Creditor Matrix will NOT be filed
Exemption set has not been set
Means Test: Allowances are not latest
Means Test: Projected filing date will cause forms to print incorrectly
Means Test Data will not be sent
Schedule I & J Data will not be sent
Some creditors are missing an address
Summary of Schedules Data will not be sent

PDF IconJubilee Case Issues Cheat Sheet

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