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Additional Address Lines

I have a creditor in which I need to put an Attn as well as a code identification (ex: Attn: Cusomer Service MD and 1MOC2G-4050). How do I enter a creditor address that needs more than just the regular Attn box and the single address line?


  • BobbyBobby Posts: 202
    We are looking into this now. For the time being would you be able to enter "1MOC2G-4050" on the attention line along with "Customer Service MD"? The programmers are going to expand the Attention line field to allow for an additional address line to handle this better in the future.
  • sbwitherssbwithers Posts: 5
    The only problem with this is the court mailing system will only allow a certain number of characters on a line to print on an envelope. So if added in the same line, it will not be printed in full when the court prints and mails to the creditor.
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