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Archiving Notices in Jubilee

I really like the looks of the new Notice feature in Jubilee. Is there a way to archive the notices you have reviewed so you can know what has been reviewed and what has not?


  • BobbyBobby Posts: 204
    edited May 2017
    Currently we have the option to assign notices to Categories which are essentially user defined folders. You can then quickly filter to view all the notices in a particular Category with the Category drop down menu near the top toolbar. You can create the Categories by going to Settings - Firm and System Settings - User Defined Lists - and select the Add button in the Court Notice: Category section.

    We are planning on building a function where you can assign a status to each notice (e.g. Handled, Unhandled, Pending, etc.) so that you can quickly look at all new "Unhandled" items then mark them as Handled to remove them from the main view. Of course, you would also be able to view all items with either a filter or checkbox. What are your thoughts on this idea? Do you have any suggestions?
  • TomFlippinTomFlippin Posts: 6
    I think being able to archive and remove items from sight will be a good feature. Even if you create folders- you have to affirmatively go and assign the items to a folder- which may leave out the New "all" mails coming in.
  • Is there a tutorial on how to clear the notices? I am still using I Got Notices because not being able to clear notices forces e to review the same info over and over.
  • BobbyBobby Posts: 204
    The programmers are currently working on an Archive function in Jubilee Notices. I will let you know as soon as it is available.
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