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New Version of BankruptcyPRO Available (

CrystalCrystal Posts: 30
edited October 2016 in BankruptcyPRO

To download the new version, from the main menu in BankruptcyPRO go to Help - Check for Updates on Web.

Changes in include:

  • Form 106A/B, Lines 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 31, 42, 44, 53: Modified to allow items to wordwrap.
  • Form 106D: Fixed bug that caused an incorrect amount to be shown for "Unsecured portion if any" for junior lienholders.
  • Form 106D, 106E/F, 206D, 206E/F: Modified to print an additional address line on the schedules.
  • Form 106D, 106E/F: Modified to allow the Nature of Lien/Type of Claim "other" description fields to wordwrap.
  • South Carolina Plan: Added an option to print some additional language in paragraph V.
  • Billing: Added support for periodically retrieving a new unlock code for Automatic Monthly Billing clients.
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