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To download the new version, from the main menu in BankruptcyPRO go to Help - Check for Updates on Web.

Version and

Differences in data entry forms in anticipation of the new Official Forms effective 12-1-2015:

  • G button, Debts are Primarily: Consumer, Business, or Other. Other will not apply to anything prior to the new forms.
  • Tenant tab now has a box that says Debtor rents residence. If you check this box the checkboxes will be available for the existing forms.
  • In the assets, both real and personal property, the Who Owns it choices will show as Debtor 1, Debtor 2, Another and a checkbox for Community Property. There is also a button for Both. These changes apply to the new forms, but will populate the HWJC selections correctly in the old forms.
  • In creditors, the data entry form has been rearranged, again to accommodate the new forms. You’ll see the Debtor 1, Debtor 2, Another (Use Codebtors tab) (grayed out), Community Debt. This will populate the current forms with the standard HWJC notations.
  • There are changes in the Nature of Lien dropdown as well. If no boxes are checked, the program will use whatever is in the Other box. If the additional boxes are checked, the text in the "Other" box will print first and the selected items will print after that text.

Addressed issue with Whose Debt and Who Owns where Not Applicable wasn't working properly in

Exemptions: Updated Utah exemptions.

NextGen CM/ECF: If NextGen CM/ECF users want to save their credit card information, they will need to enter it into their filing account on PACER as BankruptcyPRO will no longer save it.

Eastern District of Texas Plans: Renamed the following plans:

  • Stadtmueller → Tyler
  • Countryman → Plano

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