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New Setup Gets Error 5185

I have a new PC running Windows 7 64-bit. Our IGN install is on a server share, Windows 2012 R2. We have several other Win7 PC's working fine. We simply create a shortcut on the desktop and point it to the IGN executable on the share.

But this new PC give me the following dialog box entitled "Error" stating:

"Error 5185: Local server connections are restricted in this environment. See the 5185 error code documentation for details: axServerConnect"

I cannot find anything on this error when searching the LegalPro site.

Has anyone else see this?

Stephen in Tennessee


  • BrockBrock Posts: 2
    Since this error is happening on one computer, it appears that this workstation may be firewalled. Make a firewall rule on that computer to open up port 6262 on UDP and TCP. You will need to set a total of four rules; UDP and TCP incoming and outgoing. Most likely this will solve this issue since this is occurring on one workstation only. When testing, have all other workstations out of the IGN data and start I-Got-Notices on that machine first.

    If it fails, contact us and we can set up a static IP connection to the server.
  • Keith_CKeith_C Posts: 25
    If you are using a terminal server connection or remote desktop connection then you will get this error because you must have the Advantage Database Server to do that. Using the ADS will improve the speed of the application over a network and prevent data corruption.
  • Keith_CKeith_C Posts: 25
    Another thing to note is that if we are talking about version 5 of IGN then running the executable from the server via a short cut is not recommended. The program will have a longer startup time due to the fact it's having to transfer lots of bits of code across the network. You will have a more user friendly experience installing it on each workstation directly and pointing the program to the data on the server. If you are using version 4 of IGN then you are doing it correctly.
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