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Back up

How do you back up your IGN data? I don't see a back up function like on Bankruptcy PRO.


  • Keith_CKeith_C Posts: 25
    As of now, the only way is to copy the data directory using Windows. In the near future we will have a couple of nifty options in version 5 (such as using Google Drive) that will keep things backed up automatically as they come in. Over time, IGN accumulates and stores much more data than BKPRO does, so the zip and copy routine used in BKPRO would not work well. Currently, IGN can do two things that can at least make sure the most important data is not lost: 1) use the Google sync function for the calendar, and 2) use the auto-export function for the documents (PDFs). Hope that helps some...
  • Where do I find the auto export function?
  • Also, thanks for your response!
  • Keith_CKeith_C Posts: 25
    edited January 2015
    In version 4, use the menu to go to Settings|Options|PDF Options. In version 5 go to the Application Menu tab, click on Program Options, then Mail|PDFs. In either version you will have the same options:

    Check the "Automatically export copies..." box to enable the option. Turning the option on will simply start exporting new PDFs as they come in. If you check the "Catch up prior case emails" box then IGN will export all old PDFs relating to a case the next time you receive an email regarding that case.

    The Root Directory is the parent directory where you want the PDFs stored to. IGN will create subdirectories to store the case PDFs according to the Subdirectories drop-down option. In version 5 there is one more option to define how the filename itself is formatted.

    The "Expand to UNC Filename" button under the Root Directory is useful if more than one computer will be processing the mail so each one can refer to the same universal path rather than a mapped drive letter.

    And, of course, you're quite welcome. Please keep posting any further questions you have and never hesitate to call if you need more immediate help with anything.

    ps. Make sure you have the latest version of IGN first by using the Check for Updates feature.
  • Keith_CKeith_C Posts: 25
    For those who might be using third party tools to backup their data directories, here are a few suggestions:

    1. Always make sure the backup is only set to run when no one is using the program. We often deal with issues relating to backup software locking up the database files and creating errors.

    2. You can exclude from the backup all files that end in "adi". These are index files that are easily recreated and can be quite large. So excluding them will save a lot of time and space.

    3. Never put your database in a DropBox type directory. You can use DropBox for your Auto-Export Root Directory, but never ever use a program like DropBox or SugarSync on database tables. Some users have thought it would be a neat way to clone the database in two places and be able to work from home, but you will end up with scrambled and mismatched data that even we won't be able to fix.
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