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New Version of BankruptcyPRO Available (

CrystalCrystal Posts: 30
edited March 2015 in BankruptcyPRO
To download the new version, from the main menu in BankruptcyPRO go to Help - Check for Updates on Web.

Version released 12/19/2014

Form 22A: Added support for generating Form 22A-1 and Supp Only, 22A-1 Only, 22A-1Supp Only, 22A-2 Only, 22C-1 Only and 22C-2 Only from the Misc. tab since some courts have separate CM/ECF events for each of these. By default, different PDF filenames will be used for each of these selections.

Southern District of Texas Plan: Added support for the Southern District of Texas Plan effective January 1, 2015. The primary change is the addition of an Emergency Savings Fund in Paragraph 14 of that plan. To cause items to appear in that paragraph in the TXSB plan, you'll need to add a special class unsecured creditor for the Emergency Savings Fund and set the User Class to ESF. You'll need to exclude this creditor from the Schedules and the Matrix. The claim amount should be the total amount you are projecting to pay into the fund under the plan. In the Plan calculator (13 button), double click on the Emergency Savings Fund creditor and set the Pay Method/Interest to Pass-Thru. The program will not calculate trustee’s fees on this creditor. Enter the amounts to be paid into the fund on the Fixed Payments tab. You will also need to manually add the monthly amount to Line 21 of Schedule J.

Creditors: Added BETA support for sorting/grouping/filtering to the Creditors dialog.

CM/ECF: In a chapter 7 non-consumer case, the presumption flag will now be set to blank in the Debtor Extract File even though the new B22A form says it should be "n".

CM/ECF: If the Current Monthly Income is less than zero, we are passing a zero value to the Court in the Debtor Extract File since negative amounts are not allowed by CM/ECF, but the negative amount will still be in the PDF.
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