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New Version of BankruptcyPRO Available (

To download the new version, from the main menu in BankruptcyPRO go to Help - Check for Updates on Web.

Version released 11/19/2014

Added support for the new forms effective December 1, 2014. These include:
  • Form B3A: Application for Individuals to Pay the Filing Fee in Installments
  • Form B3B: Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived
  • Form B6: Summary of Schedules
  • Form B22A-1Supp: Statement of Exemption from Presumption of Abuse Under § 707(b)(2)
  • Form B22A-1: Chapter 7 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income
  • Form B22A-2: Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation
  • Form B22B: Chapter 11 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income
  • Form B22C-1: Chapter 13 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period
  • Form B22C-2: Chapter 13 Calculation of Your Disposable Income
Added an option to print Form 22A-1Supp print after Form 22A-1 if required.

Added support for the Colorado Plan effective July 1, 2014.

Updated the Pacer US Party Case Index URL.

Added the ability to import a list of creditors from a PACER Download File.

If the user enters the debtor or spouse Date of Birth on the General Information (G button) Contacts tab, BankruptcyPRO is now displaying the ages on the General Information Contacts tab and in the Means Test on the Out-of-Pocket Health Care Allowances page.

Creditors Dialog: Added support for filtering on creditors who have filed a POC and sorting on the Claim No. column. Blank claim numbers sort to the top. Added the User Class column to all pages.
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