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To download the new version, from the main menu in BankruptcyPRO go to Help - Check for Updates on Web.

Version released 7/14/2014

Creditors Window: Added a Claim No column to the Secured, Priority, Unsecured, and Special Class tabs in the Creditors.

Southern District of Texas Plan: Added support showing a 60-month plan even if all creditors are paid in full sooner (gross amount paid in plan will also be affected).

Middle District of Florida Plan (Tampa/Fort Myers) (6/1/14): To get creditors to appear in paragraph 5H, they will need to be secured, direct pay, and the User-Defined Class will be set to NotTreated. The 3/15/13 Plan has been moved to the Old Plans tab should someone still need to use it.

Mississippi Plan: Modified to support direct payments to the trustee. The user will still need to enter pay order information for the debtor and/or joint debtor, but BankruptcyPRO now supports checking the "Debtor to make direct payments to Trustee (No Pay Order)" and/or "Joint Debtor to make direct payments to Trustee (No Pay Order)" boxes.

Credit Report/Due Diligence Wizard: Added a column for the claim amount to the Creditors in Case grid to help in comparing the case creditors to the credit report data. Added a message to notify users that the Quadrant Legal Solutions option is going away effective August 31, 2014. See for more information.

Suppress labels: Added an option "Suppress extra labels on Sch. D,E,F" to the Misc. #1 tab of the Print Selected Documents dialog. This option will only be available for Official Forms D, E, and F from 2007 to current.

Means Test Paystubs: Modified the employer paystub dialog to display the paystub records in date order (as best we can). Note: A paystub record can consist of a set of dates, so the order of the records will be based on the earliest date from the set.
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