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New Version of BankruptcyPRO Available (

CrystalCrystal Posts: 30
edited March 2014 in BankruptcyPRO
To download the new version, from the main menu in BankruptcyPRO go to Help - Check for Updates on Web.

Version released 3/6/2014

Modified the new Schedules I & J and the new Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fees Waived to use larger fonts.

Schedules I & J (12/1/2013): When the user enters an occupation but the Employed checkbox has not been checked, BankruptcyPRO now asks the user if the box should be checked.

Added details buttons for certain expense categories for the 12/1/2013 Schedule J form:
  • 6a. Electricity, heat, natural gas
  • 6b. Water, sewer, garbage collection
  • 6c. Telephone, cell phone, Internet, satellite, and cable services
  • 7. Food and housekeeping supplies
  • 8. Childcare and children's education costs
  • 9. Clothing, laundry, and dry cleaning
  • 10. Personal care products and services
  • 11. Medical and dental expenses
  • 12. Transportation
  • 13. Medical and dental expenses
If you do not wish to itemize, simply enter an amount in the box. If you do wish to itemize within the categories, click on the details button next to the amount. BankruptcyPRO will provide an exhibit sheet showing the detailed items for each line number that is itemized. If a single amount has already been entered, and you wish to add additional items, click on the details button. The amount will show for you to add a label. You can then add additional items as you wish. Also added a Move button on the Other Personal Expenses detail items to move items from Other Personal Expenses to the different categories.

Modified the case header on the Northern District of Texas Plan (Powers/Truman/Bassel) to reflect the changes requested by Pam Bassel (new Trustee). Left the existing information in the header, but added masked Social Security Numbers and the debtor address to the header.

Modified the Arizona Chapter 13 plan to show the trustee percentage set in the Plan Calculator.

Added an option to have BankruptcyPRO check for updates automatically when the program is opened. The user will then be aware of any updates that may be available. The update notification will stay visible (as a reminder) if the user opts not to update. Automatic notifications can be disabled, but we don't recommend you do so.

Added a Ctrl + L key combination to open a Credit Report creditor on the left side of the split screen in the CR/DD dialog.
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