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New Version of BankruptcyPRO Available (

CrystalCrystal Posts: 30
edited March 2014 in BankruptcyPRO
To download the new version, from the main menu in BankruptcyPRO go to Help - Check for Updates on Web.

Version released 2/5/2014
  • Added support for printing dot leaders on the new Schedules I and J (12/13). Changed the option from "Print dot leaders on Schedule J" to "Print dot leaders on Schedules I and J". To set this option, click on Print Icon, then, on the Official Forms tab, click the print icon above Official Forms. Go to the Misc. #1 tab. You’ll see a checkbox toward the bottom on the left hand side where you can enable/disable the dot leaders. Note: Dot Leaders are only supported on the latest Schedule I, not on earlier versions of Schedule I.
  • Schedule J: If no amount is entered for an item (as opposed to a zero amount), the amount will be left blank. If the user wants zero to print, they will have to enter an amount of zero for an item.
  • Updated California exemption amounts. Users will need to reset defaults.
  • Some courts are now requiring that only the changed/new creditors appear on amended Schedules D, E and F but that the Summary of Schedules include amounts for all the creditors in the case regardless of if they show on the schedules. Normally BankruptcyPRO passes to the Summary of Schedules the totals from the printed/previewed Schedules. To accommodate this new requirement, we have added a new option to the Print Selected Documents dialog on the Summary of Schedules tab. Once this option is checked, it will remain checked for all cases. Unchecking the box removes the option globally as well. If you have added the attorney to a case for calculation of payments in the Chapter 13 Plan and indicated that you do not want that item to print on the Schedules, we have added another checkbox to exclude the attorney fees from the summary if the checkbox above is checked. Note: The page counts will not reflect what they would be if all creditors are actually printed. Note (2): You must still print or preview the individual schedules to update any totals on the Summary of Schedules.
  • New defaults for new installs only: "Disable shading on printed forms" is now turned ON (only applies to older forms (eliminates the yellow shading)). Print Selections dialog: "Unselect Items after Print" is now OFF. "Set Print Order" is now turned ON.
  • Made "Lives at Home" the default for new dependents added to cases.
  • Added Form B 3B (Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived). To use the form, select the option for Waiver Requested on the Filing Fees tab in the G button dialog in the case. The Waiver is only enabled in a Chapter 7 individual/joint filing. Once you have made the Waiver Requested selection, you can then select the checkbox on the Official Forms tab of the Print Selections. When you select the Filing Fees Waiver Appl. box and click the Print icon above Official Forms, then choose Print or Preview, you will see a dialog pop up with several tabs to help you fill out the form. You'll see several buttons to bring in data from other Schedules if you have already entered it in BankruptcyPRO. You can just work your way across the tabs to have the form fill out correctly. Data that is entered will be retained in this dialog, so if you need to change it, you'll need to go to the print icon to bring up the tabs. For now, the Order (if printed) will have the Granted box checked.
  • Added support for printing a Declaration of Schedules along with Supplemental Schedules I and J. There is now an "Include Declaration of Schedules with I and J" checkbox on the Plans tab. This checkbox is only available in cases using the latest Schedules I and J (12/2013). The page count on this Declaration only includes the number of pages for Schedules I and J and not for the plan or anything else printed along with it.
  • Added support for the New Jersey Chapter 13 Plan.
  • Added a button to the main toolbar on the list of cases for viewing the client folder. Due to space requirements, this button is only available outside a case. If you are in a case, you can use "Special | Show Client Folder" in the main menu instead, or hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and press P, then I. Then let go of all of them and your client folder should be open.
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