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How can I print a separate Spouse Budget for a non-filing spouse?
This option is available within the case by selecting the Income/Budget window ($) then clicking on the Overrides tab. For Supplemental Schedules, this tab will be labeled Status Updates. Changes made on the Status Updates tab affect only the Supplemental Schedules I & J.

How do I make amendments to the Original schedules I & J?
When you click on the "$" icon to open up the income/budget window, you will need to highlight the "Date Filed" option then click on the “Next” button. You can make the changes directly on this form then print the amended schedule on the "Official Forms" tab within the print selections (Printer icon).

How do I print the Supplemental Schedules I & J?
The Supplemental Schedules will need to be printed from the "Plans" tab within the print selections window (Printer icon).
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  • I made an amendment to I&J in a case that was filed prior to the new forms. The court clerk called and said future amendments need to be in the new form format. How do I do this to cases filed prior to the change? I attempted following your instructions above, but did not see where "date filed" was located. Thanks for your help.
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    By default the program uses the official forms that are effective as of the date the case was filed. To use the new official forms please follow the steps below.

    1. Within the case click on the “G” button on the top toolbar.
    2. In the field labeled “Use Forms As of” enter today’s date. The program will now use the updated official forms.

    Feel free to call our office if you have any questions (210) 561-5300.
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