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Just wanted to make BankruptcyPRO users who utilize CIN for their client credit reports and tax transcripts aware of something that just came to my attention. A client told me that he had received an email from "some company" that said I had opened an account for him, and the client wanted to know if this was legitimate. As I had no idea what he was talking about, I asked him to forward me the email. It turned out to be an email from CIN, a redacted copy of which I have attached to this post.

In the subject heading, it states [MY FIRM'S NAME} Has Established Your myHorizonToday Account! Further on in the email, it states "a service brought to you in conjunction with your law firm." These are both misrepresentations. I was completely unaware that CIN was contacting my clients by email. I am not doing anything "in conjunction" with CIN, and I never knowingly established an account for my client. Apparently, when we submit credit report requests through BankruptcyPRO, the software populates the client email address from information entered elsewhere in the program. CIN then apparently uses this information to contact clients, and uses the attorney relationship with that client as a foot in the door to sell the client additional products. I have contacted LegalPRO about this, and they are apparently taking steps to remove the email address field from information submitted to CIN. I appreciate LegalPRO's immediate action on this matter.

This is completely unprofessional, and I am frankly disturbed by this complete breach of trust and violation of my clients' privacy by CIN, not to mention misrepresenting the use of my firm's name to sell more products. I am curious to know if anyone else is aware that this is taking place.


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    In our latest update we stopped automatically populating client email and phone number information on the credit-report-ordering dialog in BankruptcyPRO. Some additional products may require this information, in which case you will have to type it in on the vendor website.

    Please let us know via this forum or by contacting us directly what kind of tweaks will help you work more efficiently. We appreciate any feedback on this change.

    Many thanks to Lisa for letting us know about the issue. BankruptcyPRO belongs to our valued clients and we will continue to shape it into the product that you trust and depend upon to help your bankruptcy practice run more efficiently.
  • AS it relates to the email address... Please help me by telling me how this is a breach of anything. I've been using them for years and the email that was sent to my clients contained the hyperlink to the product that I ordered. i.e., credit counseling; debtor education. In fact, when a credit report is requested there must be a relationship created between the reporter (CIN) and the debtor (After all, it's his info) and the attorney is designated by the debtor to receive the credit report.

    Then when credit counseling is ordered, the email is then sent to the client telling them where/how to participate in the counseling (by phone or computer).

    Are y'all saying that CIN is trying to sell additional products? Other than the Debtor Education and the monitoring service post-discharge, the only info they provide is meaningful to no one...other than the attorney.

    So, I think, what I'm saying is: What are they trying to sell?
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