Debtor Name Parsing Failed. Unable to Print Error

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In general, you should enter the Debtor(s) names (on the G button in the case) as Last Name, Generation, First Name Middle Initial in the Debtor box. (Smith, Jr., John A. or Smith, John A.) There is a little hint under the box to help you.

When you tab to the display name box BankruptcyPRO will automatically show the name as it will print on the forms (John A. Smith, Jr.) Even if you haven't entered any other data in the case, use this method on the name if you wish to print blank forms for intake.

Because the new Schedules I and J now REQUIRE separate first and last names for individual Debtors, BankruptcyPRO is looking for a way to identify these names and is looking for the comma between the last name and the first name to know which is which. Just add that comma after the last name in the Debtor box and you should not get this error any longer.

Aliases are entered on the Alias tab under the G button in the case.

If you have a limited license, just call us at (210) 561-5300 if you need assistance with changing the debtor's name.
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