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New Version of BankruptcyPRO Available (

BobbyBobby Posts: 207
edited February 2014 in BankruptcyPRO
To download the new version, from the main menu in BankruptcyPRO go to Help - Check for Updates on Web.

Version released 1/10/2014

Added Support for the updated Northern District of Illinois Plan (11/22/2013).

There has been some confusion regarding Supplemental Schedules I and J (only used in a Chapter 13 case) and when to create them. If no information has been entered for those schedules, you will now land on the usual budget dialog (labeled Date Filed). After any data has been entered for Schedules I and J, clicking on the $ button will give you the option to select the Date Filed Schedules I and J, or to clone them to create Supplemental Schedules I and J. We’ve also added some further explanation in red text to clarify the difference between AMENDING the original (Date Filed) Schedules I and J and preparing post-petition Supplemental Schedules I and J.

Schedule C: Added an option to "Print blank instead of $0 for exemp. amt. on Sch. C" to the Print Selected Documents dialog. This option was requested by one of our clients in the Northern District of New York.

FlashDOCS: Added new fields for:

The NonFilingSpouse fields will be blank unless the type of debtor is Individual (and the user has entered information for the spouse). The JointDebtor fields will be blank unless the type of debtor is Joint.

FlashDOCS: Added support for displaying messages after a document has been generated. For instance, rather than having a bunch of questions, sometimes it might make more sense to display just a message to the user to manually enter data in certain parts of the generated document.


Previous Updates

Version released 12/16/2013

Added new tabs in Schedules I & J dialog for changes in Debtor Status (e.g., Married, Separate Households, etc.) and to offer checkboxes for printing options in regard to these schedules if needed. The tab for the "Date Filed" forms is labeled Overrides; the tab for Supplemental Schedules I & J (printed from the Plans tab) is labeled Status Updates. Changes made on the Status Updates tab affect only the Supplemental Schedules I & J.

Schedule J Continuation Sheet (Line 21): If an amount is blank, it will be left blank instead of printing $0.00. This allows the user to put headings above a group of details. Note: Zero for the amount is NOT the same as leaving it blank!

Simplified CR Wizard dialog to request only information required for credit reports. Any other debtor information requested will need to be entered manually on the vendor website.

Version released 12/6/2013

Fixed several items regarding the new Schedules I and J:

Schedule J Continuation Sheet (Line 21): Separator lines were not being handled properly.

Spell Check Button on "Anticipated Changes" page wasn't working.

Schedule J Line 23b Minus Sign: Found a better, more visible character to use for the minus sign.

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