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Jubilee TXNB Chapter 13 Plan Instructions: Sections D(1), D(2), & D(3)

BobbyBobby Posts: 188
D(1) - Pre-Petition Mortgage Arrearage: Within the Primary Mortgage creditor, enter the arrearage amount in the "Amount of Arrearage" field. The plan payment options for the arrearage are accessible on the Plan Options - Arrearage tab.

Sec. D(2) - Current Post-Petition Mortgage Payments Disbursed by the Trustee in a Conduit Case: The Mortgage Creditor will need to be created as a Secured Claim and attached to the Real Property on the Collateral tab. You will need to go to the Plan Options - Claim tab to uncheck the option "Last payment made within the plan length" check box in order to instruct the Plan Calculator to make the ongoing mortgage payments through the plan but not to try to pay off the entire claim. The monthly mortgage payments will be entered by clicking on the Monthly Creditor Payment Schedule button. If the Trustee requires a two month gap, you’ll set the first month’s payment as $0.00. If the Trustee requires a one month gap, there will be no zero monthly payments.

The First Conduit Payment Due Date is calculated by the Plan Date and the Number of Gap Months defined on the Pay Gap Payments selection on the Details tab in the Plan Manager, not on the Monthly Payment Schedule you enter.

Sec. D(3) - Post-Petition Mortgage Arrearage (gap payment): The Post-Petition Arrearage (gap payment) is automatically created and added to the plan calculator when the Gap Payment option is enabled in the Plan Calculator by selecting the "Pay Gap Payments" option. The due date(s) for the post-petition arrearage claim are entered by opening the Mortgage Creditor - Plan Options - Post Petition Arrearage - Due Dates field.
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