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exempting over $160.375.00 of homestead

I need to check the "yes" box for question 3 on the exemptions: "Are you claiming a homestead of more than $160,735.00?"
Where is the radio button or checkbox or whatever I check?


  • SevilleSeville Posts: 38
    Once you have designated the homestead exemption for your jurisdiction, BankruptcyPRO will determine this for you automatically. To designate the homestead exemption, go to Settings, Update, Jurisdictions and Exemptions. On the Exemptions tab, locate the homestead exemption. With that exemption highlighted, click change at the bottom of the dialog. Check the box that says Homestead Exemption. That will tell BankruptcyPRO which exemption to watch for that checkbox on Schedule C. There is no need to change any other checkboxes on that exemption.
    Orange you glad you use LegalPRO software?
  • I have designated the homestead exemption jurisdiction. However, a check mark still is not appearing for the "yes" selection on Schedule C, question 3. (i.e., are you claiming a homestead exemption of more than $160, 735). Does anyone know how to do this?
  • SevilleSeville Posts: 38
    We'll need a little more information in order to troubleshoot this for you. We'll contact you by phone shortly.
    Orange you glad you use LegalPRO software?
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