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Certificate of Service with Plan

Is there a way to determine which creditors show up in the certificate of service of the plan? I want to eliminate a few. Local rules require that we serve priority and secured creditors and any creditor adversely affected. Some general creditors that I don't want to serve nor must I serve appear on the COS.
Thanks for your help.



  • SevilleSeville Posts: 38
    You can exclude specific creditors from the matrix by right-clicking on them on the list of creditors. Choose Matrix, Print This Creditor on Matrix, to toggle a creditor off. The "x" in the Mtx. column will disappear for those you have de-selected indicating those creditors will not print on the matrix. When you print your Certificate of Service, the program will include creditors on the matrix and not those you have excluded.
    Orange you glad you use LegalPRO software?
  • JHSEsqJHSEsq Posts: 8
    Okay, a little tedious but that works.
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